Cheesy Cutlet With Sour Mayo Filling
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Preparation time
30 mins
Cooking / Baking time
10 mins
12 people


2 cup
Bread crumbs
2 medium
Beaten egg
1 Tbsp
Green Olives
1 Tbsp
2 Tbsp
1/2 cup
2 Tbsp
Cheddar Cheese Grated
2 Tbsp
Mozzarella Cheese grated
2 Tbsp
Coriander Leaves finely chopped
1/2 Tsp
Red Chilli Powder
1/2 Tsp
Crushed Red chilli flakes
1/4 Tsp
Black Pepper crushed
1 Tsp
6 medium
2 Tbsp
Seasame Seeds
Meal course
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  1. First peeled n boiled potatoes . Mashed them. Now mix mashed potato with grated cheese ,salt ,crushed black pepper ,crushed red chilli. Mix well together.
  2. Filling : In a bowl mix Mayonaise ,vinegar ,black pepper crushed 1 pinch ,finely chopped green olives n jhalapeno. Mix well.
  3. Chopperized fresh bread into fine Crumbs.
  4. Take potato filling fill with inside 1 tsp Mayo sour mixture fold like potato cutlet . Press firmly soo Mayo filling don't come out.
  5. Not dip in beaten egg then roll in fresh bread crumbs .
  6. Shallow fry in hot oil till crispy n light golden from both side.
  7. Serve with yougurt dip .

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